Retreat and Assault

The party charged into the darkness at the back of the Shadow base and found themselves face to face with Kyrranilax, an adult black dragon. Kyrannilax toyed with them a bit before melting Kil-Wal`the to within an inch of his life with his acid breath. The group fled using their teleportation disc and returned to their guildhouse.

The group identified and distributed their collected treasure. That night, the town was attacked by a formation of flying kobolds. Their original goal was to drop soot in the shape of a dragon on the fields, apparently as a threat. However, the party was able to heavily disrupt their formation, killing half the kobolds and preventing the town from falling to terror.

That evening, Syrax Skydriven told the party in secret that he was going to assault the brigands in the old town. The new twin guards, Ire and Ora, had been undercover and said they were the source of the corruption in the guard ranks. Syrax asked to meet in the morning for the assault.

Arthur and Elizabeth, as ranged fighters, took up sniping positions separate from the party. As the party approached the base of the brigands, Syrax, Ire, and Ora suddenly attacked. “Syrax” revealed himself as a doppelganger, and the twins turned out to be wererats. However, the shapeshifters underestimated the power of Argent‘s Moonbeam. The party then proceeded to burn the brigand’s hideout, making them flee.

In exchange for his freedom, the brigand mage Flash said that the real Syrax was in an unused room in the guardhouse, drugged.


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