Flares of Light and Darkness

The party made their way through the Illithid caves, destroying the elder brain and hunting down the mind flayers. On their way, they discovered a laboratory where the Illithid were keeping the Aetherian Luxuria captive and telepathically isolated to study her.

After clearing out the Illithid, including fighting grimlocks with oil sacks and torches, Kil-Wal`the tossed the orcs below the head of a mind flayer with his former magic sword stuck through it, to much rejoicing.

The party then returned to Luxuria to interrogate her and (ultimately) destroy her as too sick and dangerous to live. In the process they learned that the Aetherians fell to Superbia’s influence because they were unfamiliar with the temptations of material evil. This let them solve the final riddle of Invidia and find out that Superbia is at the top of the Tower, which is only accessible via the bottom of the citadel.

The party regrouped and consulted their options for progression. They decided to investigate the demon fortress through the magic door, in the hopes that it would give them clues to Bohr Korrath‘s location. They found that the fortress was full of strange rooms and temptations, including a room of treasure and several rooms with chimes or bells. However, nothing seemed to be able to be removed from the fortress’s pocket space.

Many doors from the fortress led elsewhere in the citadel, with each one marked to identify its location. Through experimentation, the party learned that these doors could be repositioned; briefly they were worried that they’d trapped themselves within the citadel by making a door within it, but were able to figure out how to control the effect.

With trepidation, the party decided to determine what would happen when the hourglass in the fortress ran out. After half an hour, the final grains of sand drained and it turned over, with the smaller hourglass shaking in its aftermarket moorings to try and turn in sympathy.

Some smaller doors in the fortress, the ones marked with a single hourglass symbol, burst open to release a flood of lesser demons. The party fought against the horde and ultimately won, then discovered that behind these demon doors were unknown or unassigned doorways that might lead to new locations.


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