Painting the Walls With Blood

The party moved through the first subterranean level, killing most things they came across. They found a closed slab room that contained reclining stone figures they decided were golems, one of which had killed a goblin. They passed through that chamber and found a room with worg cages and a tunnel that seemed to lead outside.

Billy killed the worg handler and then the party slaughtered the worgs in their cages. The party then found a butchery room where they were attacked by the giant centipedes that seemed to subsist on the scraps there. This room had a rope leading up to some wine cellar, but there were sounds that suggested ghosts, so they retreated back into the goblin warrens.

The party found a room with goblins sleeping off a drunken night; they systematically killed the goblins in their sleep. In that room they found a map or diagram depicting the complex they were in, suggesting that it was a deep construction connected to the Tower.

The party found a room used to smoke meats, a room with a chained ghoul being used for target practice which they killed, and a set of rooms with objects hanging from hooks in the ceiling where they were attacked by goblins who apparently hadn’t heard that they were under new management. The goblins were dispatched and the party found healing salves in a concealed panel.

With everything else on this level apparently explored, the party worked hard to unseal the door that had been emphatically hammered shut by the goblins. They opened it to find a chest at the back of a small room littered with bones and rot and some dramatic large morel-like funguses.


GregoryAveryWeir GregoryAveryWeir

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