Old Friends and New Places

The party took the bandits they’d captured back to the guard house, where the corrupt guards the doppelganger recruited had all left in a hurry. They found Syrax Skydriven poisoned into a coma in the old officer’s quarters of Bohr Korrath. Counting Syrax, only five members of the guard remained (still an increase from the original three). The money in the guard vault was intact, and the party gained a small reward from the booty that the brigands were keeping there.

The party found a stone Abyssal seal in Bohr’s room which, when touched to a chalk outline on the wall, led to a strange stone castle antechamber with an enormous hourglass. Scrawled on the wall was cryptic information about a certain Abyssal rune. Written on the large double doors in Abyssal was “Whoever shall walk through these doors is surely a Lord of the Abyss.”

Arthur’s casting of legend lore yielded a set of conflicting songs, all telling of a fortress of “many doors” that led warriors to battle a series of escalating waves of demons, providing them with rewards in the process. The songs conflicted on what the end purpose was: to train a hero to fight evil? to corrupt the warrior and produce a demon lord? to kill foolhardy adventurers?

The party left the fortress for later, noting that the hourglass seemed like it would take longer than 15 minutes and shorter than an hour to empty.

At Syrax’s request, the party stayed mostly around town for a week. Arthur cleaned up the bloody temple and made some scrolls. Argent completed his grove. Elizabeth caroused and added her picture to the wall of legendary partiers beside Kil.

The party then descended to the caves where they had met the Fomorians. They proceeded past an unsettling bone-decorated hallway and into a well-appointed sitting room decorated with tapestries portraying triumphant Illithid. Sitting there was Loreth, a half-elf with an oddly casual manner. She told them she worked for the Illithid and recommended that, if they wanted a direct path to free slaves, that they should go through the hole in the floor of the room.

The party investigated the hole, which led to a sort of slippery arena with spikes in the center. They were attacked by brains with legs, were betrayed by Loreth cutting their rope, and eventually killed Loreth and discovered that she had been controlled by one of the brains. In the process, they were observed from a window by an Illithid.

The party retreated to Leomund’s Tiny Hut to heal and recover.


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