Emerging from the Depths

The giant fungi in the sealed storage room attacked and were dispatched by the group. The chest within the room contained rotting books, alien-looking electrum coins, and a couple of oils of healing. The party rested briefly, then headed for the surface via the passage in the worg stable.

In the low, root-choked passage, the party heard the sound of bat-like wings. They were attacked by stirges, one of which latched on to Kil-Wal`the before they were all dispatched. Kil extracted the stirge and the party headed into the woods.

Harthkell led the way through the woods to where a path met a tomb entrance that had been sealed with a stone slab marked with the symbol of Wee Jas. They made their way back into town, where they received a warm welcome.

The next morning, the leaders of the town were discussing ways to increase safety given the goblin attack. Syrax said that if the town had more people there would be safety in numbers, but that would require more money in town, which could be provided by exports.

In the process Syrax mentioned that Bohr Korrath, a former guard in town, had regularly taken trips down into the tunnels beneath the town before being involved in some sort of “incident.” He was suspended and hasn’t returned from the underground since.

He suggested that they try to reclaim the old Fairest Distillery inside the walls, as it would be able to produce cider and brandy for export and may have some in its stores. The party volunteered to investigate and headed into the ruined town.


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