Catching Up

Party Members

Billy vanished one night after the party found a clue regarding Bohr Korrath. On a visit to the base of the tower in the Old Town, Harthkell contacted an Aetherian spirit and disappeared into the tower’s featureless stone. The party recruited a warlock named Erik, who adventured with them for some time before retiring to study some of the magical items they found. The latest additions are Arthur and Elizabeth, a lady and her guardian who came to investigate the events at the Durath manor.

Town Events

The group cleared the Fairest Distillery of a hag who was using it for foul experiments.
They also cleaned the local granary of an infestation of blighted plants. The townsfolk have set to work repairing these buildings to use them for the upcoming harvest.

The party investigated Durath Manor, a haunted mansion where a noble family sealed themselves away and descended into depravity. They destroyed the undead couple with the help of the ghost of one of their victims and claimed the building for themselves as a guildhall.

A mysterious wizard sent his pseudodragon familiar to town in response to a request for a magical shield. He offered an experimental shield that required the sacrifice of a living thing’s heart, but the party declined the offer.

Quelenna Meliamne, the blacksmith, has been given a magical forge found in the Old Mines that will help her make items faster, including magical ones.

Some sort of brigand group has set up operations in a building in the old town, and Syrax has expanded the ranks of the guard at the expense of some tension.

The party secured a treaty with the Orcs allowing passage through their territory in exchange for a toll, which will allow for much more convenient trade to and from Towerwatch.

Underground Events

The party descended past the goblin quarters and into a place controlled by the Shadows: cruel and crafty kobolds. They found a room containing a bust of the Aetherian Acedia, who poses them questions in exchange for rewards.

In the kobold territory is a strange large chamber, like a model town made by beings who don’t understand towns. The party found a cache left behind by a human who had somehow explored this deep, a church being guarded by a strange stubby beholder, and a lake leading deeper into kobold territory. The party made a temporary nonaggression pact with the kobolds, turned on the lights in the chamber, and fought an Aetherian wraith who retreated into the central column once its golemic body was destroyed.

The party explored the old mines, which were overrun with monsters and vermin. They cleared the area out, finding a discarded damaged azer face along the way. They found a chasm with a gong on the edge of it. Ringing the gong summoned a purple worm from a hole in the far side, which attacked but could be snuck past.

Up a stairway overlooking the chasm, the party found an entrance to an Aetherian temple. They cleared out levels dedicated to the elements, three gods of good, and primary virtues. On the top floor, they fought an Aetherian who had inhabited a flesh body; it retreated into a realm of light when its body was destroyed.

The party made a brief excursion into a cave system where they fought a pair of fomorians. They were then greeted by a scarred grimlock, who warned them away from advancing any further.

The party met the azer below the temples, who charged them with recovering a pair of magical crossbows that Bohr Korrath had stolen.


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