Bluffing the Goblin Chief

Darmot Harthkell and Kil-Wal`the went to the Precipice Inn, where they were the topic of local gossip. Gorrie apologetically paid them the gold he’d promised for escorting him. They didn’t have long to drink, however, before Lillie Stumbleduck, a halfling, burst in, desperately searching for her daughter Rosie.

Darmot set off with her to search, eventually hearing from Quelenna Meliamne, the smith, that some commotion had occurred heading south toward the orchard. Meanwhile, Kil was woken by Ricardio DaMasque, a dashing bard, who invited him to come along and save the child.

The three headed into the dense orchard, following a low path worn through the underbrush. The trail led to a break in the great wall surrounding inner Towerwatch. Upon passing through the party found themselves in the ruins of the town inside the wall. The buildings around them had been stripped of shutters, doors, trim, and anything else not mortared in place.

They followed the trail of devastation to the ruined Blackeye Pub. In the basement there they found a pair of goblins standing guard. The party intimidated the goblins into running away and descended down a ladder through a hole in the floor into a room with nine large stone slabs.

They were immediately attacked by the goblins on guard there. One goblin escaped, and they captured another one, tying him up on a lead of rope. They used him as a guide, asking him to bring them to where the girl was being held. The complex they had entered was made of dark stone, clearly not made by the goblins. The party passed a door that had been clumsily but thoroughly sealed.

The party decided to rest in an alcove and discovered a hidden room behind a tapestry. They slipped inside to avoid a guard patrol and found a ruined and rotting library. A bluish-purple glowing humanoid figure was standing there, but it floated down through the floor and didn’t return. The party searched the room and found a book written in a strange language depicting different animals, a magic scroll, an hourglass, and a spellbook.

The party peeked out the other side of the room and saw a defaced statue of the god Fharlanghn. They consulted with their goblin prisoner on which way to go. His route would lead them through the lair of the bugbear Gorgleshek, so they cut through the secret room to the stairs leading down.

The second floor of the complex seemed to be full of goblin living areas. They managed to bluff one inquisitive goblin by claiming to be playing a game, but they weren’t very stealthy and alerted a roomful of goblins. Darmot slammed the door shut with magic and Kil froze the goblins with his icy breath and slaughtered them. Their prisoner broke down in a fit of fear, so they bound and abandoned him there.

The party soon found a large throne room where the chief, Bulgosh, a hobgoblin, was waiting for them with ten goblin guards. The party decided to trick him into believing they were stronger than they were. Ricardio played an ominous song and put some of them to sleep, while Darmot used Thaumaturgy to appear more powerful.

Rosie was in a cage in the room, and Bulgosh seemed to want her because she was a Builder, able to make tools. Apparently all of the Towerwatch denizens were Builders. The party left their weapons as collateral and took Rosie, promising to return the next day with more tools and weapons for an ongoing trade deal.

The party returned to the surface the way they came, reuniting Rosie with her mother. Back at the Inn, they reported in general terms to a dragonborn guard, Syrax Skydriven, who proposed figuring out what to do about the situation in the morning.


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