An Assault on Shadows

Kil-Wal`the, Argent, Arthur, and Elizabeth entered the kobolds’ territories from the temples below. They found large cargo elevators defended by ballistae. They destroyed the ballistae and systematically cleared out the upper inhabited kobold floor with its mushroom garden. Along the way they ran into several ambushes and an attack by a powerful but fragile kobold sorcerer. The rest of the kobolds from this level fled through the water to the false town on the level above.

The group then made their way through the level below. Through trickery and might, they killed the animated trees that served as guard dogs and shattered the guards and wards spell protecting the kobolds’ living quarters. They found a group of azer, orc, and drow slaves who were being kept captive with collars of glyph of warding. The group helped the azer remove the collars, although several prisoners were injured or killed when the collars activated. Several drow preferred to stay slaves rather than risk death to return to their life of further slavery at home.

The party was ambushed by kobolds using portable cover, but drove them off and decided to use Leomund’s Tiny Hut to rest and get the rescued slaves where they wanted to go. The kobolds covered the spell-dome with cloth and positioned giant scorpions for an ambush, but the party burned the cloth away and destroyed the scorpions… except for one which Arthur befriended.

The party explored the rest of the level, finding a garden of herbs that could be used for magical crafting, a scriptorium with magical writing desks, an alchemy lab containing a huge and now-damaged tank of acid, a room with strange pools of molten metal and glass protected by frogs, and a manufacturing room with a magical kobold head running it that the party smashed up.

In their exploration, the party found many strange plants: a bush that they felt compelled to tell secrets, a vainglory flower (also known as a Death-or-Glory) that would give them boons for planting its seeds, a gourd with spiral-patterned blossoms, a viny plant with a comatose kobold inside, a Razorchime plant that could be played like a glockenspiel, and a tree with a single strange fruit growing on it.

The party explored some sort of audience chamber lined with statues and cages containing tortured animals and people. In the middle was a large chest full of coins and valuable items. On the far side of the chamber was a dark passage blocked with magical shadow that the party couldn’t penetrate, and which was guarded by a cloud of magical wasps.

In the end, the party managed to kill or force into retreat all kobolds they found in the living and working areas of the former gardens.


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