A Wolf at Dawn

The mysterious warlock Darmot Harthkell and an as-yet-unnamed dragonborn warrior met in Boorne’s Waystop at the base of the Howling Mountain. The warrior came in search of glory to redeem his reputation, while Harthkell arrived carrying a secret regarding the black tower at the top of the mountain.

The two agreed to escort Gorrie, a local mule handler, to the town of Towerwatch at the top of the mountain, along with his wagonload of supplies. Just past the turnoff to the Old Mines they were attacked by a vicious wolf that seemed emboldened by the strange magical energies of the mountain.

The wolf brought both adventurers down: first the fighter, then Harthkell. In their painful, semiconscious states they heard sounds like vines bending and wood tearing. They woke up some time later, bandaged up on slabs in some sort of mortician’s room.

The two went outside to meet an unsettling red-haired woman named Mella Veil who introduced herself as a priestess of Wee Jas, goddess of death. They had made it to Towerwatch, and had apparently been rescued and bandaged by some unknown person. Concerned about their easy defeat and the mysteries of the place, the two headed to the Precipice Inn to find a place to stay during their time in town.


GregoryAveryWeir GregoryAveryWeir

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